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He dies finally, praise all

Xen Retired posted Oct 29, 17

Energetics Retired Perfect

CRY MOAR vs. Tomb of Sargeras

Jellodruid Retired posted Oct 11, 17

CRY MOAR vs Mythic KJ

Jellodruid Retired posted Oct 3, 17

Minizal Retired MonkaS
Xen Retired rofl

I beat Neo Rawr Avatar dead

Xen Retired posted Sep 25, 17

PBnJustice Retired 404 Paladins not found
Jellodruid Retired Im a bear not a beetle.
Energetics Retired May they rest in piece. Pour one out for the homies after KJ dies

Retard Strength

Jellodruid Retired posted Sep 20, 17

Sashlockhlms Retired Is my paladin's 940 ilvl factored into that? Or does it just take the most recent kill?
Ivaria Retired pipsy is bringing up the average

Mistress Down

Jellodruid Retired posted Sep 10, 17

Jellodruid Retired damn i forgot about turtle power
Ivaria Retired and where's donatello in all this
bunbohuehue Friend Is mistress that green snake and us the red whatever being fucked?

Jellodruid Retired skeleton dradle
Neofire Retired Desolate Host Pic When

Xen Retired Holy shit I love this